Spring 2019: The latest Osborne & Little collections

New year, new collections. Osborne & Little have recently released a range of collections ready for Spring 2019, and here at Calico, we love them. Seven collections have been released, featuring many prints and patterns that are just stunning.

‘Magnolia Frieze’ from  Folium,  taken at  Maison & Objet 2019  by Calico Interiors

‘Magnolia Frieze’ from Folium, taken at Maison & Objet 2019 by Calico Interiors

The first collection on this list is Folium, a wallpaper range offering decorative floral designs that are oversized, a trending theme for this season. A particular favourite is ‘Green Wall,’ a design that replicates a cluster of green foliage, contrasted by either red and purple leaves or paler greenery, depending on your chosen colourway. This contemporary wallpaper creates a dark atmosphere that would look sophisticated in any room.

Another highlight from this collection is ‘Animal Glade,’ a beautiful design of exotic animals set against a background of trees and pastel skies. This design creates one whole image that would be perfect for a feature wallpaper.

‘ Impromptu ’ by Osborne and Little

Impromptu’ by Osborne and Little

O&L’s next collection is Intermezzo Silks, a range designed specifically for curtains. Available in five designs, each with their variety of colourways, these fabrics are named after musical terms and are made up of silk combined with other materials. Overall, the colour palette for this range is neutral, especially when compared to the first collection. ‘Sinfonia’ stands out for us; it’s such a simple and lovely fabric, featuring contrasting dots that are reminiscent of an abstract painting.

Memphis contradicts both of these collections completely. Designed by Margo Selby, these designs were inspired by 1960’s Motown and Memphis and feature a distinctive colour palette that’s full of fuschias, cherry tones, and citrus shades. The fabrics are comprised of a variety of wools and velvets. ‘Motown’ is a geometric print that includes contrasting circles, squares, and triangles, and truly captures the essence of the '60s.

‘ Arlington’  by Osborne & Little

Arlington’ by Osborne & Little

We’re halfway through the collections now, and the first of the final three is Albermarle, inspired by the streets and attractions of Mayfair. This range is made up of tailored woven fabrics with colours of aqua, coral, turquoise and navy, plus a few check designs. It’s ideal for upholstery, cushions and even textured headboards.

The next range from O&L is Taza, a Moroccan-inspired collection as well as plain fabric to accompany the vibrant prints. Taza is a city in the north of Morocco, located in a mountain pass, and this location is reflected in these designs. A favourite of ours is ‘Temara,’ an exuberant set of roundels based on a background of linen.

‘Rosina’  by Osborne & Little

‘Rosina’ by Osborne & Little

The last collection (but certainly not least) is Ariadne Velvets, a fantastic range in which opera characters lend their names to the fabrics. This range is opulent and uses silver as the key colourway, plus shades of royal blue and emerald, reflecting the richness of the velvets. ‘Poppea’ is one of our favourites, as it is based on typical ceramic patterns and named after the lead role of L’incoronazione di Poppea by Monteverdi, an Italian opera first performed in 1642.

Here at Calico, we love these collections. They are all different and stunning in their own right and offer you the ultimate versatility for your home.