Designers Guild - the latest collections

We recently explored Osborne & Little’s latest Spring collections, and so now this week, we’re looking at Designers Guild’s. They’ve released seven ranges this season, all keeping in with current trends while standing out in their own way.

‘Peonia Grande Zinc’ by Designers Guild

‘Peonia Grande Zinc’ by Designers Guild

The first collection is Veronese, an opulent collection that consists of large floral prints, ideal for curtains and cushions. ‘Peonia Grande Zinc’ is a stand-out for us; this fabric features dramatic peonies that merge contemporary with classic, as these delicate flowers are hand-painted as oversized, a look that most people seem to be loving right now.

Palladio Fabrics is a series of jacquard chenilles that are both sophisticated and can work for both contemporary and modern interiors. This collection of weaves offers a contemporary yet timeless colour pallette, featuring geometrics with metal highlights. ‘Vittoria Delft’ is an elegant design that’s suited for both modern and traditional interiors and can be used for upholstery, window treatments, and bedding. It features metallic threads which add depth to the pattern.

‘Tulsi Outdoor Eau Nil’ by Designers Guild

‘Tulsi Outdoor Eau Nil’ by Designers Guild

The next collection is Palme Botanique, a range of fabrics specifically for the outdoors. This is a vibrant collection that is also practical and is inspired by a few of Designers Guild’s popular designs. Suited for conservatories, gardens, pool sides and many more types of summer furniture, this range will add some style to your outdoor space. We love ‘Tulsi Outdoor Eau Nil’ - we used an indoor version of this design for one of our most memorable retail projects, and so to see reprinted for garden use makes us very happy. It’s lovely connecting the different rooms of a house together, letting the overall scheme run through the building, and to carry it on throughout the garden creates even more opportunities.

Next is Anshu Fabrics, a collection of textured-satin weaves that comes in a total of 45 colourways. The tones range from sophisticated neutrals to vivid shades. Best for window treatments, bedding, and cushions, just swapping your curtains for this will add a touch of glamour to each home.

Other collections that have also been released, and they are: Valloire Fabrics, a range of wide-width linen that is ideal for lightweight curtains and sheers; Porto, which is good for upholstery, and Foscari wallpapers, a range which features floral and geometric designs.

For more info, visit our showroom to see the pattern books we have available.

Ways to use up fabric remnants

Image by Calico Interiors

Image by Calico Interiors

We announced yesterday on our social media platforms that we now have an extremely large range of fabric remnants for sale. But, for those thinking, What on earth would I want scraps of fabric for? here are a few ideas if you’re feeling crafty.

  1. Pouches

    This versatile little pouch can be used for make up, keys, money, or even project supplies. This one includes a zip, but you could use buttons, poppers, whatever you like!

  2. Blankets/Throws

    Perfect for this season. Wrap up warm in your own personalised blanket or throw, made by you. You could make little patchwork quilts for the little ones, like this one, or a festive-themed throw, or a brightly patterned blanket that will stand out in your bedroom.


    These are so simple and doable, and could make the perfect stocking filler for bookworms (those guys love bookmarks!).

  4. Notebook Covers

    Kinda goes with the bookmarks, but these cute notebook cover make cheap, personalised and cute little presents for your family and friends. You can even use notebooks or sketchbooks to suit their needs. Everyone needs a notepad at some point, so you know that it’s a gift that won’t be gathering dust. Here’s an example.

  5. Heating Pads

    Ideal for this miserable weather. These pads can be thrown into the microwave and serve as mini hot water bottles. They’re small enough to fit in your bags, so you can warm your fingers on the commute to work, and they’re the perfect size for the little ones.

  6. Pillowcases

    Everyone needs a pillowcase. Not only do they provide comfort, they also add a finishing touch to any room. These would be great if you have family staying round for Christmas - just imagine a guest room with personalised pillows. Take a look here.

  7. Key rings

    These adorable little gifts make really good stocking fillers, for all ages. Another opportunity to create a personal gift. These are probably the cutest things ever.

  8. Cup Sleeves

    Coffee cups burning your fingers? Flask too hot to carry? These cup sleeves are the perfect solution. Why settle for a cardboard Starbucks one when you could have a decorative one that’s softer on the hands?

  9. Camera Straps

    Add a bit of comfort to your camera strap. The perfect gift for photographers. Click here to see how.

  10. Passport Holders

    Again, a gift that can suit anyone. Handing over a custom-made passport holder will certainly put a smile on people’s faces, and you’re sure to feel proud of yourself for making such a lovely item. See here.

There are so many things you can do with fabric remnants, but we’re going to stop at ten. Hopefully you now feel inspired to get crafty this Christmas, whether it be for your family, friends, or even yourself.

We are selling our fabric remnants for £5 per metre, and we have a huge range. Come visit our showroom to find out more.

We found these crafts on Pinterest. If you want to see more of our showroom and recent projects, give us a follow.

Image by Calico Interiors

Image by Calico Interiors

Recently completed: Glanmarlais Care Home

Image by Calico  Interiors

Image by Calico Interiors

This year, we worked alongside Leekes to help renovate Glanmarlais Care Home in Llandybrie. We recently uploaded a brief summary of this project to our portfolio, but we love it so much we thought we’d dedicate a post and go into more detail. We created the curtains and supplied the furniture for many of the rooms, including the hair salon. As well as this, we made all soft furnishings. The overall scheme was contemporary and full of bold colours, whilst still providing ultimate comfort.

Image by  Calico Interiors

In the dining room, we produced double pinch pleat curtains which were blackout lined, and we used feature wallpapers from Andrew Martin, which we used for all rooms. We supplied armchairs and dining tables, using both square and round, all with an oak finish, keeping the room rustic and simple.

For the ground floor of the day room, we supplied a range of armchairs and sofas, two seaters and three seaters, with accompanying side tables. Coffee tables were used as well. Four pairs of curtains were created in our very own workroom. Like the dining room, they were double pinch pleat with blackout lining, installed on wooden poles. The furniture was supplied by Knightsbridge, and the bright colours lit up the room to give it more of a contemporary feel. The scheme of the first floor was the same.

Image by Calico  Interiors

Image by Calico Interiors

We also worked on the hair salon that is on site. Feature wallpaper was used, and our fitter fixed two styling units to the walls. We also supplied the upholstered waiting chair and the styling chairs.

In terms of the bedrooms, we created piped cushions with feather inners, as well as bed throws and curtains. The fabrics were matching for each room, so anything patterned became the focus.

‘Typewriter’ artwork by  PI Creative Art

‘Typewriter’ artwork by PI Creative Art

We supplied the artwork throughout the building using multiple companies, such as PI Creative Art and Wild Apple. In the reception, the framed and mounted prints were woodland themed, and the day room followed suit, only in black and white. In one of the corridors, literary themed photos were used, featuring a typewriter and a collage of letters. The other corridor’s art was based around vintage Paris. This contrasted with the corridor on the first floor, which focused on London. Floral prints were also used. The style of artwork we selected is quite popular at the moment, with the vintage style paired with the incorporation of nature, via the floral and woodland prints. This also tied the whole scheme together, as both floors reflected each other.

Calico have worked on many care homes over the years, and this one is certainly one of our favourites. It’s contemporary and comfortable, the floral theme reflected through the fabrics and the artwork, reflecting the beautiful environment that surrounds the building. For more information about our work with care homes, take a look at our website.