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Calico_new display_08.jpg
Luxurious Bedroom

This bedroom is what sweet dreams are made of. Using a textured wallpaper to all walls, give it texture and depth and act as the perfect background to show off the black wood furniture. For a bit of extra glam we created a pelmet with a braided edge with curtains to co-ordinate, along with a bespoke headboard, quilted throw and cushions - because every bed deserves cushions.

Calico_new display_07.jpg
Calico_new display_10.jpg
Calico_new display_04.jpg
Calico_new display_12.jpg
Calico_Showroom & Office_07.jpg
Calico_new display_09.jpg
Calico_new display_02.jpg
Calico_new display_01.jpg
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