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Motorised Curtains & Blinds

As technology is getting smarter, so are our homes. Gone are the days when the only way to open our bedroom curtains, was to get out of bed and do so ourselves.  

And it’s not just that extra bit of luxury they add to a home, motorised window treatments (or automated shading solutions, whichever you prefer) have many other benefits. As they are operated by either remote control or smartphone app, there is no need for cords - making them a safe option for families.


They’re also great if you’ve got a really tall window that you can’t reach – you can simply choose to close them by the flick of a switch. They can even be recessed into the ceiling if you’d rather not see them. 

You can also set times for when your window treatments open and close, which not only helps with energy efficiency, it’s also great if you’re planning a little holiday away and don’t want anyone to know you’re not home.


As official suppliers of Silent Gliss, Lutron and Somfy we offer quite an extensive range of automated shading solutions. There are options for mains wired and wireless battery systems that are available standalone or can integrated into any control system.  

We know to some this may be a bit overwhelming, but with our fully trained fitting team to install and programme for you, it isn’t as daunting an option as you might think. 

If you want to find out more please contact us and the earlier the better as it is best to plan for motorised blinds and curtains at your design stage, so recesses and electrics can be considered during planning. 

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